Design Tutorials for the Final Story

Hello. This is Cam. As I’m wrapping up for the semester I wanted to come back and give some tutorials for some of the media pieces that I made for the final story. The last post was related to the audio pieces that I recorded. This time around, this post will cover the design pieces. For my story, I made a newspaper cover and a video game cover that tells the honest truth about a fictional game related to the story.

For this tutorial, you have the option to use whatever pictures that you’d like from the internet. The choice is yours depending on what you’d like to do. You also need the platform, Photoshop, which I use personally. However, if you don’t have Photoshop, you can also use Canva, which unlike Photoshop, is a free platform to use. To start your design, on the home page click what ever preference you like, and from there you can get started.

For my designs, I had to use the text tool as well as the shape tool. In Photoshop, they are represented by a T graphic and a square graphic on the left side of the window. Click the T and from there you can type whatever you’d like and change the sizes using the numbers at the top of the screen. For the square graphic, you can transform it how ever you’d like using the mouse to move the corners of the box that appears around the shape. You can also press Edit and then Free Transform to adjust it even further, like rotating it, changing the width and height, etc. To import your photos, press file, open, find your photo, press open on the window, and your photo will appear on the window. Just like with shapes and text, you can adjust your photos and transform them how ever you’d like.

In Canva, you can do the same things that I just mentioned, however, to import photos, click uploads on the left of the screen, press the upload button, find your photos and after you press open, you’re good to go.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that it served you well. Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you all later.

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