Week 9: Midterm and AI Reflections

Hello again,

For this week, we’ve had our own time to reflect on what we’ve done so far now that we are midway through the semester. With this, I just wanted to share some of those here. Firstly, all the material that we’ve been able to explore thus far has been great. From learning about praxis, citizenship, and fluency of digital spaces, to our recent talks on artificial intelligences has been fascinating. As of now, I feel as though I’m at a good level of proficiency with all three of those original principles and we’ve been able to practice those principles for the bulk of the semester in a strong way.

Now, onto the AI’s. AI’s are always interesting to talk about due to their sentient yet near perfect nature. AI’s as of now are still being developed, however, most would argue they’re at a point where they are near their level of perfection that we see in most science fiction settings. Think Hal 2000, the T-1000s, the Matrix, and other things. One example that I always draw upon when it comes to AI though is that of Digimon. The Digimon as well as their home, the Digital World, in most of the Digimon continuities, especially Digimon Tamers, were originally created by a team of programmers in the real world and was first not able to be interacted with by the general public until the chosen children were thrusted into the action after some Digimon were sent to the real world by freak accident. From then on, the Digimon’s existence in the real world would highly impact the fabric of both worlds, which are both their own universes. Basically, the rouge or evil Digimon that would threaten the worlds could do so at an Hyperversal scale, going beyond just destroying our regular viewable Universe and being able to destroy nearly all of existence.

Anime power scaling aside, AI is very interesting for the threat and help that it can provide and how it totes the lines of morality.

That’s everything though, see you in the next one.

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