Week 7: The Fortune Teller

Hello again.

This week I finally have my fortune teller to present to you all with. This takes the concept of an 8 Ball fortune teller and transforms it into a fortune cookie generator.

When you visit the page, simply type a question mark or “?”, press the submit box, and receive a random fortune cookie passage below it. This fortune cookie teller was very fun to work on as I included some really interesting fortunes within the programming that I hope is interesting for you all as well when you visit it. You can type “?” again and again and receive multiple fortunes so don’t be afraid to try it again and again to see what you get each time.

Next, we’ve also gone through some more peer teachings this week. Me personally, I was able to teach about how to use wavesurfer.js in order to make your song on your webpage appear as a waveform, like what you see on my page. This is a very fun aesthetic thing to tool around with and I also hope that you all use this for your own webpages if you wish to include any music tracks. I was also able to learn about how to add to-do planners to a page as well as Spotify playlists and a grid map of a metro system. Each of these sessions were very interesting and I appreciated what each teacher had to offer as far as their teaching style is concerned.

On a sidebar: The page also has music you can play, which is Tidal Tempest from the Japanese Soundtrack of the game Sonic CD, but that’s just something I add for fun.

Finally, as far as my project proposal goes, I’m still in the planning process and don’t have exactly everything planned out at the time of publishing, however, I do wish to do this with at least one partner just to see what we both create together.

Otherwise, the semester has gone really great thus far and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store.

Thank you once again for reading, and I’ll see you around.

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