Week 13: Accessible Design and NFTs

Hello again.

So for this week, we kind of relaxed while also touching on accouple more interesting aspects of our digital design prowess and some crypto shenanigans.

Firstly, we discussed the idea of Accessible Design, making sure that whatever digital framework we design, photos, podcasts, videos, etc. are design with the intention of being accessible to those with disabilities. Having a transcriber, having text, have other controller options, etc. These things are very important for the sustainability of many digital mediums out there currently.

Secondly, we have NFTs, which still very much baffle me to this day. Crypto as a whole has been something that I’ve been refusing to get into and all of these crypto scams and other shenanigans have pushed me even further away from that possibility. While I don’t discourage people from seeking them out, I at least encourage folks to know fully what they’re getting into before tapping into it as they aren’t always guaranteed what they want in return from their investments.

Thank you once again, and I’ll see you next time.

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