Week 11: Internet Ghost Stories and Peer Teachings

Hello again,

For this week, due to the influx of Halloween coming into play, we delve into the wonderous world of internet ghost stories. There were many great ones which were discussed within class, however, a personal favorite of mine has to be that of Ben Drowned.

For those who don’t know, Ben Drowned is a creepypasta story that revolves around a supposed haunted copy of the game “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” for the Nintendo 64 (which just so happens to be my second favorite video game ever). This haunted copy had a history where a kid named Ben, a previous owner of the cartridge, mysteriously passed away sometime after playing the game. During the new owner’s playthrough, remnants of Ben’s spirit linger throughout the game, concluding in Ben basically overwriting the game’s data and imprinting himself into the tv and on the new player. There are other stories like this that are fascinating as well, such as Sonic.exe and the Lavender Town Syndrome relating back to Pok√©mon Red and Blue. However, Ben Drowned is my personal favorite because it encompasses all of the scary and ridiculous attributes of a creepypasta story.

Otherwise, we ran through some more peer teachings this week, mine being about the podcast on black experiences at a PWI that I will be collaborating with Sha’Lelia on. Both of us were able to outline what exactly the podcast is as well as answer questions from everybody in our sessions. We’ve been getting amazing feedback as well. Probably the most interesting peer teaching that I’ve seen is Jess’ regarding getting justice for those that were wronged by the OSCAR system at UMW. It outlines a lot of the flaws with the OSCAR system and gives a great mission statement to what is an important issue. I really hope that this is seen through as some of the rights, or lack there of, that victims get from going through these processes has been something that I have not been privy to in the past and wish to be rectified now.

But that’s it for this week, thank you once again and see you later.

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