Week 10: More about AI

Hello again, this week we went deeper in the confines of what makes AI what they are.

One of the ways in which we did it was by analyzing artwork that had been created digitally through different algorithms on the internet. This has become a very interesting topic to look into, especially on YouTube, where different terms can be put into a source algorithm that then generates an artistic representation of what the user wants. Most of this talk has been in regards to how flawed and generally bizarre some of the creations are, however, it is still intriguing regardless and is being developed over time.

In order to test our prowess as to what looks like it’s digital versus what is actually hand made, we took a Kahoot Quiz called “Bot or Not.” It was a very cool quiz as it challenged our eyes and let us decide what we though was an algorithms work versus a human’s work.

Generally, the algorithms works had different things that made it stand out as artificial, like blends and poorly made facial features, however at times that’s what made them look so human despite it being done by a bot. Overall, it was a very interesting way to decipher these algorithms further.

As far as the future is concerned for creative AI, I don’t see it being fully optimized until a certain point years down the line. There are still inherent flaws that if addressed, could definitely make them 10 times better. For now though, we have funny things to look at sometimes.

Welp, thank you once again for reading and catch you all later.

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