Visuals of Storytelling: My Reflection

From abstract paintings, to the animated shorts by Walt Disney, to now the cutscenes of triple A video games, it seems that using visuals to tell a narrative has always been enforced for several centuries now. But how deeply can we go as far as learning how we can construct a visual based story ourselves. That is what I embarked on this week in addition to my many other endeavors that you can find all the links to here.

For this week, there were a few materials that we had the opportunity to look into in order to find out what makes visuals of storytelling work the way they do. One in particular resource that I would like to mention is this video on Visual Literacy by the Toledo Museum of Art YouTube channel.

This video encompasses a lot of points related to the matter in which we’ve established, being visually literate as it translates to artistry. In particular so of the things that I’ve been able to learn from this video are how to be literate using the visual elements of art, which are Line, Shape, Color, Space, and Texture, all familiar concepts but expanded upon to see how we can use them to create a more visually literate piece. As described in the video, Visual Literacy is used by the artist to get a message across within their artwork or a set of artistic pieces. It enables you to be able to examine a piece and analyze it from a social perspective, gauging what impact that piece might have based on how it appeals to the human eye visually.

If you’d like to learn more about this concept, I highly suggest watching the video.

To wrap up, I just want to state how much I love this concept of telling stories visually. There are a lot of different forms of media, as stated in the intro, that take advantage of visual literacy in a lot of different ways. I encourage you to look into how visually literate your next Netflix show, video game, art gallery walk through, or even YouTube video essay is. Does it capture your eyes and if so, analyze why it does so. I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll see you all later.

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