The Chronicles of Ging Freecss: The 13th Chairman Election

Disclaimer: The story is told from the perspective of a fictional news reporter within it’s world. This story does contain light spoilers for Hunter X Hunter (2011) and the Hunter X Hunter Manga. This story will try it is hardest as to not spoil major details about the story arc being explored in this story. All the characters and assets related to the anime and manga are owned by Shueisha, Madhouse Studio, and Yoshihiro Togashi. Thank you and enjoy the story as it unfolds.

August 1st

The Hunter Association has its hands full once again as a mysterious incident in the country of East Gorteau has led to the passing of the former chairman of the association, Issac Netero. The association has chosen to stay quiet on the exact details of his passing. At this time, the association has gathered its higher ups, the 12 Zodiacs, to conduct the election of the association’s 13th chairman. One Zodiac stands out amongst all of them, Ging Freecss, who folks say has not appeared in the public eye for decades.

Details on who this individual is are very hard to come by as he is extremely secretive with his information. When asked for comment on the scene he immediately decline and walked off. We have not been able to track him down for comment since. The reporting team was, however, able to get a phone number. But we were met with a cynical voicemail, take a listen.

Our call with Ging Freecss got sent straight to this unique voice messaging system.

When asked what this message means, the 1 Star Sea Hunter, Morel Mackernasey, told the reporting team that Ging’s son, Gon Freecss, was in the middle of trying to look for Ging, something that he is set out to do for his entire childhood. The 14-year-old became a hunter 2 years ago, having passed the 287th Hunter Exam. He is a bright, determined, pure child, Mackernasey told the team. He declined for further questions regarding Gon Freecss’ current condition.

This time next week, we will be reporting back live for the actual 13th Chairman election, going down at the Hunter Association’s headquarters. We will have some words from our sponsors for the duration of this broadcast. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful night.

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August 8th –

Welcome back folks. We are live on the scene for the 13th chairman election. Just this morning we had over 800 individuals across the Hunter Association lined up right outside the Association’s building casting in their votes. But before we report further, we would like to cut to our advert for the day, one of our candidates for the 13th chairman. The Rat Zodiac, known as Pariston Hill, will be running for 13th chairman. Hill is highly confident that he will be taking home the election. Please take a listen.

Pariston HIll approves this message.

We are now back for the official conference of the 13th chairman election where it was just reported in that one of the voters punched Ging Freecss in the face from 30 feet away. How this individual was able to do this, we have no idea, however, we were able to report in with Ging Freecss right on the scene. He only gave the team a few words and declined for further comment. This event is now making major headlines on the local newspapers. Witness now say that they would like to vote the individual who punched Ging into office as the 13th chairman. Who may this individual be?  We will find out as further details emerge.

But one detail that did emerge is that eyewitnesses say that Ging Freecss was one of the lead creators of the rare video game, Greed Island. This game was reportedly sold to a wealthy man in Yorknew City just last year for over 17 billion Jenny.

Folks even say that Gon Freecss, Ging’s son, was the one who previously won the game that year, although details about that are still unclear.

This week for the Hunter Association has been hectic. From the tragic loss of the 12th chairman, Isaac Netero, to the commotion earlier today, the election continues to become even more exciting. Recounts keep happening due to low turnout, the election needing 100% turnout to be counted fully. However, Pariston Hill has won both elections thus far. Will he continue this streak by the time turnout reaches 100%? We will continue to update you all as events unfold. This has been your local news, have a good rest of your day everybody.

Quick Message for the End:

I wanted to do this story because Hunter X Hunter is one of my favorite pieces of media ever made. I have been watching it and reading it since I was a teen, and it continues to be a joy to watch and read despite it currently being on a long hiatus. The worst thing about it is that this is not the first hiatus, and it has actually been the longest one so far. Despite this though, Hunter X Hunter still ranks among my favorites ever due to its world, characters, and other elements. I hope I gave you a good taste of how wonderful this world is through this story. This class has been excellent and I’ve learned a lot of great things from it. I’ve also been able to leverage some skill I already had using photoshop and audacity very well. This class helped me to be creative in my use of those two tools to a great degree. Everything was amazing and fun this summer. Thank you for reading.

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