Scott Lo and the TED Radio Hour Reflections

In an earlier post, we discussed all of the intricacies that go into creating an amazing work of audio, especially audio that tells a great story. These works perfectly exemplify some of the things that were talked about in that post. The pieces of media I’m talking about are the audio episodes but ScottLo, and the TED Radio Hour. In ScottLo’s episodes, referred to collectively as “The Lo Down”, he gives his students run downs of what the week will look like for ds106 using his expertise as a radio host. However, in non traditional fashion, he gives it in a way that is very engaging to listen to. He’s eloquent, charismatic, and precise with what he says which makes for an engaging and informative listen. TED Radio Hour also does this extremely well, but from the standpoint of telling a great story, having almost documentary quality audio. Just from clips alone, you can see the intricate work that goes into the audio editing, scripting, music choices and much more. If you’d like to experience these further, I encourage you to check them out below. Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you all later.

Some recommended episodes –

Lo Down Episode 1:

Lo Down Episode 10:

Lo Down Episode 13:

TED Radio Hour

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