Moon Graffiti: What if the Apollo 11crashed?

What if scenarios have always been interesting to me. I think about what if scenarios pretty much all the time, especially in regards to my favorite shows, video games, and other forms of media. However, a lot of the time, I also think about hypothetical situations for things in my immediate life (whether for better or for worse) and also in regards to historical events. This edition of “The Truth Podcast” is just that as it analyzes what could’ve happened had the Apollo 11 crashed on the moon instead of landing safely. To preface, we must first take into account the fact that the makings on this episode were actually based on a real speech that was written as a contingency plan for such events. Because of this, we can take into account how severe this would’ve have been had the landing gone wrong as well as the level of confidence that the team had in the Apollo 11 crew getting to the moon safely, which was virtually 50/50, maybe even close to zero chance of survival. If you’d like to check out this engaging piece of media, the link will be down below. Catch you all next time.

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