Intro to Cameron Washington

How is everyone’s summer going? I hope it’s been well for all of you.

My name is Cameron Washington and I am originally from the small town of Tappahannock, Virginia over in Essex County and right next to the Rappahannock River. It’s nice over there, although not much to do outside of fish, get farmer’s market food, and the like. I still go over there often because a lot of my family lives down there. I also go down there often to work for my grandmother at our family business, the Washington Funeral Home. You may be thinking to yourself, wow that sounds kind of freaky, but trust me, it’s really pleasant being a mortician. The freakiest that it’ll get is if you’re actually embalming, however, even that isn’t the least of your worries (or maybe it’s just me being used to it, who knows). I love Tappahannock and cherish everything I did there when I was a kid, but moving to Richmond and ultimately to Fredericksburg to go to UMW after high school, along with many other traveling experiences has broadened my horizons a great deal I would say. UMW alone has given me a new place to call home with all of the new people, locations, and moments that I have explored and created. From joining multicultural clubs to making use of on campus resources, to now being able to help coordinate an early arrival program and co-host a club, everything that has happened as a result of me coming to Fredericksburg has been great.

When I’m not doing all of these different things, you can find me conversing some friends and family (when the introvert in me wants to come from out of the cave), but also enjoying my love for media. This media ranges from netflix show, to movies, to cartoons, to anime, but most importantly to video games. Video games are the first media that I truly got into ever since I was 7 years old playing Super Mario Bros. 3 for the GameBoyAdvance on my DS Lite, which turned into an immense love for Japanese Role Playing Games such as Shin Megami Tensei/Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Pok√©mon, Paper Mario, and Dragon Quest, as well as Fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Super Smash Bros. There are many more genres of games that I’d like to mention but for the sake of the post, I won’t cram to many recommendations in your head, but there’s a vast amount of different games that can satisfy different tastes and demographics.

All in all, I hope that this served as a cool little introduction to myself. I hope once again that you all are having an amazing summer, week, day, night, whatever that is and wherever you are. Thanks for reading up to this point if you have and I catch you later.

Feel free to keep up with me at these pages:

Flickr – cameronwashington6464

Twitter – @Cameron64460145

YouTube – CamCoopa

SoundCloud – CamCoopa

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