Reading Movies: Looking at different Camera Angles, Shots, and Perspectives

Films have a lot of interesting and encapsulating moments and quirks to them that have been slowly made prevalent throughout many popular films today. This is especially true amongst the works of a lot of popular films and film directors that in a way have gone on to define what we know as great movies.

One aspect that is hard to notice at first glance is some of the shots that are used amongst the film production teams. Take for example the one point perspective, a camera angle that is literally from one point on the screen, not changing unless it’s moving forward or back. It sounds simple but it can be manipulated in so many different ways to create a really dynamic shot.

Next, you have the From Below shot, this is a shot that is used quite a bit by Quentin Tarantino, who is one of the more popular directors in the industry in the last few decades, with awesome films to boot. The From Below shot is as simplistic as the one point perspective, it’s literally a shot, from below, where characters are looking down at the camera as if it’s on the ground. Like the one point perspective, this shot can be manipulated in ways that make it really interesting. This can especially depend on the theme of the scene, like how ominous and awesome it feels when this shot is used in Kill Bill for example.

There are many other examples of awesome camera angles, movements, and shots in plethora of films. If you’d like to look into it more, I recommend these videos to give you a start. They’ll be down below. Thank you for reading as always and I’ll catch you later.


Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

The Shining – Zooms

Tarantino // From Below

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