Design Blitz: Kings Dominion Trip

For this post, I took on a DesignBlitz, where I try to take pictures of objects, signs, logos, etc. that try to capture the main concepts and principles of design. My location for this activity was the Richmond theme park, Kings Dominion. This park means a lot to me as I’ve traveled here by myself, with family, and with friends every summer and spring in order to get on each and every ride and have a good time. This time was no different, with the only thing different being that I’ve not been to the park since July of 2019, almost two years ago. This trip, I was joined by my uncle, younger sister, and a few cousins. Our main objective was to get on every ride we could before the storm would inevitably come and force the park to close down for the day. My pictures from this trip that I did for my design blitz are located at the bottom of this page. As you’ll see, a lot of them exemplify color, minimalism, typography, dominance, and a few of the other concepts in some way. I was able to take all of these just before the storm hit so I’d say this was a successful mission. I hope you all enjoyed the post. If you’re ever down by Richmond, I highly recommend Kings Dominion. My favorite ride there is definitely the Intimidator, which is a roller coaster with an about 375 ft drop, really fast too. And if you’ve been before, please tell me about your experience below. Alright, catch you all later.

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