Design Assignments for the Week of June 28th, 2021

All of the pictures that you see below reflect something that I love and appreciate in some form. Each of these pictures are pictures that I chose not just to fulfil the 12 point requirement, but also because I felt that I could be the most creative with this collection of design assignments. There will be a gallery right below this message but I want to quickly talk about each picture that you will see, the first picture is reflective of my desire to go to the country of Jamaica over in the West Indies. I’ve always been interested in going to the West Indies, especially Haiti and Jamaica. I specifically chose Jamaica because I happen to be going there very very soon near the end of this year with my family, which I’m super excited about. Now this desire will be fulfilled (and hopefully will be fulfilled again in the future). The second image is a Video Game cover that tells the honest truth about the game in question. The game I chose is the 2018 Bandai Namco released game, Jump Force. Jump Force is a crossover game between the characters that encompass Weekly Shonen Jump, the Japanese Manga publication (which includes Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc.). The reason I chose this game is because of how incredibly disappointing it ended up being both for me and for the general public and fans of these franchises. The gameplay was lackluster compared to other games of this style, the roster could’ve been better, and the visuals and music were mediocre as well. On to the third image, we have a VHS cover. This was a free form thing as I wanted simply to create a VHS of the blog. Nothing too crazy but still some creative liberty taken here and there nonetheless. For the final image, we have a magazine cover. I chose to parody Nintendo Power, which was Nintendo’s news magazine from 1988 up until 2012. I wanted to basically make an issue as if it still existed and was able to cover what was announced during Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year, as there was a ton of amazing stuff announced there. Those are the images, I hope you enjoy them. Catch you all later.

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