Audio Assignments for the Week of July 5th, 2021

On this weeks edition of the Complementary Corner, catch some interesting stories brought straight to you from Cam’s Corner. First up is a phone call between Cam and Cam? Find out how casual this conversation can get by tuning in below. Right after, we have an 80’s commercial for the game Reborn Quest, although yet to be born is the chances of this game resurfacing any time soon. But check out the commercial for this mysteriously missing from history video game below as well. Last up, we have a little story. We go to the village of providence where a once peaceful village gets brainwashed by, television? Huh. Maybe this thing does rot your brain. Find out more below. That has been me, catch you all later.

Cam’s Phone Call
Reborn Quest 80s Commercial
The Drill in Providence

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